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Farmer's commercial success is a powerful weapon against poverty.
By minimizing food wastage, and boosting production, we have minimized hunger.
Good agricultural practices have led to the production and availability of affordable, healthful foods, curbing malnutrition among our children.
The provision of capital among women has created several employment opportunities, both for farmers and other entrepreneurs in the value chain.
We train farmers to adopt beneficial agricultural practices, which boost the overall productivity, quality and economic value of produce.
Improved access to farming information, which greatly boosts farmers' commercial competitiveness.

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Access to proper farming technologies.
Creation of fair, efficient, and accessible market linkages, which enables farmers to access retailers and merchants directly.
Resolving logistical problems including transport, food handling, and lack of application of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP's). These problems result in food wastage, loss in revenue, and poor quality assurance standards.
Access to capital for women, enabling them to engage in agribusiness.

Soil sampling provides useful information about the chemical and physical conditions of soil in a specific location. This information can be used to optimize plant growth, assist in solving soil-related problems or to determine the extent of contamination for a remediation plan. Careful sampling and handling is essential for good fertility analysis and nutrient management plans.
Women without access to land, due to cultural issues, can still be productive by leasing and utilizing land after accessing capital. Subsistence rural farming that has no real social or economic value is being replaced by commercially viable agriculture which has especially benefited women.
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