About Us - a quick look at who we are and what we do

Who is Ustawi Africa

USTAWI AFRIKA - This Initiative — the name of which means “well-being” — aims to support climate-resilient agriculture and livelihoods in 6 countries of East Africa i.e. Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tanzania, DRC  Congo, Somalia by helping millions of smallholders(especially rural women and youth) intensify, diversify and de-risk mixed farming through improved extension services, enterprise development, and private investment.
This objective will be achieved through:
Diversifying and sustainably intensifying production: assessing needs and options for the introduction of crops, livestock, mechanization and/or irrigation; applying innovations in farming, markets and diets; and building capacity and scaling through training and research for development.
De-risking and digitalizing value chains: with farmers, co-designing and delivering Innovation Package bundles of digital agro-advisory systems and research management products — including mobile applications, TV programs and social media — to connect farmers to markets and improve farming practices.
Empowering and engaging women and youth: mapping challenges and opportunities for gender and social inequality in agribusiness, and applying coordinated interventions for transformational change.

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Ustawi Africa means Prosperity in Africa

  • It is a platform that converges stakeholders, partners and the community in general, towards agricultural empowerment.
    We are a agricultural INPUT DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL.
    We also offer an agricultural farm EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL.
    We provide personalized ADVISORY services to farmers.
    We partner with farmers in creating and sustaining market and food distribution channels.
    We also connect farmer to cold STORAGE and silos storage.
    We collaborate with farmers to commercialize agriculture, enhancing SUSTAINABILITY and income.
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Problems we solve

1. Poverty
2. Hunger
3. Malnutrition
4. Unemployment among women
5. Lack of proper training
6. Women being denied opportunities to own land
7. Undignified living for women in rural Africa
8. Post harvest losses
9. Traceability to farms for improved markets

Market Size

The numbers 

by 2030 industry size market
of the rural women are farmers contributing to 80% of produce
women in Kenya are in agricultural sector

Our proposed 3 years plan and outcome include; 50,000 farmers, value chain actors and consumers (40% women and 40% youth) in maize-mixed systems using climate-smart intensification and diversification practices with improved water and land management practices. 1 million farmers and other value chain actors (40% women and 40% youth) accessing bundled digital agro-advisory and agricultural risk management products and services that support their response to climate risks, and manage land and water systems in a more sustainable way for climate resilience. At least 50 start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises — 40% run by women and 40% by youth — using scaled climate-smart solutions, supporting diversification and intensification of maize systems through at least US$5 million in new finance.

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